Saturday, February 28, 2015

Women-Loving Women Hop Sign Up for 3/6

This with mark the first month of the women-loving women fiction blog hop :) An oasis from all the MF and MM that tends to fill the other hops. I hope everyone enjoys!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Women-Loving Women Hop Sign up for 2/20th

Sorry that I didn't give as much extra time to sign up. We started small last week- I hope we can continue to grow!!

If you're never taken part in a blog hop please take the moment to read the "How to Participate" page :) and don't be afraid to email me if you need help. Make sure to pick up one of the 3 pictures for your post.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Women-Loving Women Sign up for 2/13!

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Joelle Casteel here: I'm going to start off with a small bit of admitting- I thought up this hop in part because I'd finished reading for another hop I participate in and I was angry at fiction with MF pairings. I write pansexually- across gender and sexual orientation- but even so, sometimes MF pairings will drive me nuts.

Now Love Spanks 2015 will be starting as this post goes live. Head over to Govering Ana at to take part. She has organized a wonderful celebration of FF love.

I hope this Women-Loving Women fiction blog hop will be a weekly thing; I'm certainly open to suggestions of different days of the week.

Please check out the "How to Participate" page for how to do it! Because this is a new hop, I thought it best to give more time to sign up for the first hop. The sign up with be open until 11:59pm EST on February 12th.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Things are taking shape!

Joelle Casteel here: I've done a bunch of writing on the "How to Participate" page, but I still have more to figure out. I hope to have our first hop sign up some time tomorrow.

Announcing Love Spanks 2015!

Joelle Casteel talking here: while you wait for me to get things together :D I recommend you go check out Love Spanks 2015 on Anastasia Vitsky's "Govering Ana" website: . Anastasia works so hard organizing events in support of FF fiction or lesfic. I'm sure everyone will have a good time; it was thinking on her wonderful example that led me to start organizing this hop, which I hope to make a weekly thing. I've you've never read FF fiction, please give it a try. 18 authors are participating from what I hear- nope, I'm not one of them, but I'll certainly be reading :).

It starts on 2/6 so hurry your butt over there :D